An international competition to design the campus of the Future
UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition has been announced on the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on 30 January 2018. The competition is thought to design Campus Bio-Medico University (UCBM) masterplan and architectural development over the next thirty years.

It’s not a dream, but a concrete and project-based effort that follows UCBM 2015-2045 Development Plan “piùCampus”. The competition is conceived as a process to look at the Campus growth and its environmental quality. A University Park over a total area of 90 ha to “train people” – affirms UCBM rector Raffaele Calabrò interviewed by Paolo Conti –  and not only professionals within scientific research, health care and assistance”.

25 years after its foundation, UCBM “faces the ethical and entrepreneurial challenges of the future of university with new vigour” says Domenico Mastrolitto, general director of Campus Bio-Medico Spa, holding company of UCBM promoting the competition.  The design phase will start in March 2018 by joining selected designers (architects, urban planners and landscape designers) in Rome to give a close-up understanding of the building site and the Athenaeum needs in the next decades. A future that aims to service the communities and that, starting from the same competition process, has been driven to include all involved parties in order to reach shared results in a dialogue with the Campus urban and landscape context. The goal is a social and service infrustructure focused on sustainable criteria. In addition to a greater interconnection among existing buildings and new functions, in order to favour cross-fertilization and multidisciplinarity, the competition consciously wishes to enhance the Natural Reserve of Decima Malafede – explains Mastrolitto – in a coherent design rooted in a spirit of service”.

30 / 01 / 2018 - Corriere della Sera

30 / 01 / 2018 - 
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